About us

"Haus1018 is simple, we are a FREE online fashion marketplace designed specifically for the INDEPENDENT fashion & beauty designers looking for an outlet to showcase their brands."


Not only do we promote and invigorate fashion entrepreneurs, Haus1018 also aims to make a difference in the lives of women and children across the globe.  We will accomplish this through giving a portion of the proceeds to schools, safe houses, and shelters.

Our hope is that these partnerships will positively impact those in need, while still allowing ambitious fashion entrepreneurs to share their passion with the world. This means Haus1018 promises to do whatever we can to promote, engage, and increase the overall sales of each of our partner vendors.

By creating an online marketplace and inviting fashion visionaries to the stage, we will speak loudly and impact the community fiercely.

Haus1018: focused on uplifting the independent brands and giving back a voice to those who need it most.